Applying to ChamberStudio


The Minerva Piano Trio with Anthony Marwood. Photo c Marc Gascoigne

The Minerva Piano Trio with Anthony Marwood. Photo c Marc Gascoigne


ChamberStudio is open to young professional chamber groups no longer supported in further education. We welcome applications from all instrument combinations.


When you apply you will be invited to a Consultation with Artistic Director Richard Ireland. This serves as an audition; after the playing element of the Consultation, Richard Ireland will confirm whether or not a ChamberStudio Study Programme is appropriate for your group. If it is, details of the Study Programme will be discussed – with Richard and among yourselves – including decisions such as:

  • Central goals – the specific aspects of playing that the group most wants, or needs, to focus on and improve, and what repertoire to work on
  • Choice of Professor
  • The ideal number of sessions for the programme
  • A time span for the programme. For the Autumn Programmes the last session should take place before 31 December 2017
  • Whether it’s suitable for all sessions to be held in public or whether some should be scheduled to be in private.

Study Programme

A Study Programme comprises a tailor-made set of between three and six coaching sessions with a ChamberStudio Professor, concluding with a Review session. Masterclasses are held at Kings Place, our home base, which gives you the opportunity to play and work in front of a small audience of observers (though in some circumstances a closed session may be appropriate). They will normally take place on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons. Groups accepted under the scheme might also be invited to work with Visiting Professors and to play in one of our bigger public masterclass events.

What happens next?

After the Consultation, you should confirm the Study Programme details you’ve agreed in an email to Richard Ireland. This must be sent within two days of the Consultation, and will include the focus, your choice of Professor, and the number of masterclasses.

Your Study Programme will conclude with a Review session with Richard Ireland. If you decide that you would like to start a follow-on Study Programme, the Review will include a discussion of plans for the new programme in place of a separate Consultation.

Masterclass with Christoph Richter. Photo c Marc Gascoigne

Masterclass with Christoph Richter. Photo c Marc Gascoigne


Consultation/Review (2 hours): £60

Masterclass or coaching session with ChamberStudio Professor (3 hours): £120

Masterclass with Visiting Professor (3 hours): £160 (includes £40 towards extra expenses)

How to apply

If your group is interested in a ChamberStudio Study Programme please complete our application form.

We look forward to welcoming you to ChamberStudio