New masterclass system for ChamberStudio

András Schiff

András Schiff coaches the Busch Ensemble, June 2015. Photo: Marc Gascoigne

ChamberStudio is introducing a new masterclass system, replacing its mentorship scheme and ad hoc masterclasses with individual programmes designed specifically for each group that is accepted.

Groups who apply to ChamberStudio will play at an initial session with Artistic Director Richard Ireland, with whom they will discuss their development needs and create a plan, based on their musical goals and practical needs. Together, they will agree the number of masterclasses the group will have, the professors they will work with and a timeframe. Sessions will run throughout the year rather than being tied to academic terms and groups will receive a full three hours of coaching rather than 90 minutes.

Richard Ireland explained the benefits of the new system: ‘It gives us the flexibility to help groups in exactly the ways they need and want, whatever they feel are their priorities for improvement, and whatever their practical constraints. For example, with some groups, the players are scattered around Europe and it makes sense for them to come for intense periods of study, which we can arrange now, rather than being tied to weekly room bookings. Groups can also have some choice in the professors they feel they work particularly well with, and work primarily with them, as they did with the mentorships, but also take inspiration from other professors, too. So it gives us the best of both worlds and we’re very excited about what it offers.’

Audiences will still be welcome at masterclasses, most of which will take place at Kings Place, with classes listed in the schedule as soon as they are confirmed. Groups still have the chance to work with Visiting Professors, specially invited to London by ChamberStudio, who in recent months have included Ferenc Rados, Rita Wagner, Eberhard Feltz and Erich Höbarth. Players continue to have the opportunity to perform to special guests in one of our larger public masterclasses in Hall One or Hall Two at Kings Place: in the past these have included Sir András Schiff, Steven Isserlis and Shmuel Ashkenasi.

Applications are now open for the scheme. To find out more, go here.



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