Ferenc Rados

Ferenc Rados was Professor of piano and chamber music at the Franz Liszt University of Music.  As a student, he graduated from the same institution and then pursued postgraduate studies at the Moscow Conservatory with V.K. Mershanov.

He is highly sought after for his insightful masterclasses at venues across Europe such as Prussia Cove, Weimar, European Chamber Music Academy, Verbier Festival and Academy, Escuela Reina Sofia etc

In an interview, violinist Leonidas Kavakos put his experiences working with Ferenc Rados in this way:

“Most teachers tell you what should be done, whereas Rados teaches you to think. I have learned from him much more than how to play an instrument well. As a Greek I am deeply influenced by the ancient Greek culture where the putting of questions was something essential and had a pivotal role.  In a sense, Rados is also a Greek, he can put questions.”


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