What groups have said about their experience at ChamberStudio –

Gildas Quartet

“ChamberStudio has made it possible for us to have quartet lessons with some of our very favourite and most revered musicians. It is a flexible and accommodating system that takes into account how busy and irregular our lives are in a chamber group, so that we have been able to choose the times that make the most sense in our schedule and have the most impact when we come for sessions. The lessons with Catherine Manson have brought us closer in approach to the quartet playing that we aspire to.”

– Gildas Quartet

Lipatti Piano Quartet

“ChamberStudio has provided us with a wonderful platform to learn and grow as a group. Playing to Alasdair Beatson, Krysia Osostowicz and Richard Ireland has been a really fascinating experience which has given us so many ideas to explore. At this stage in our careers, we appreciate the dedication and support of the ChamberStudio setup, and the opportunity to perform to an audience at King’s Place has been a real highlight. We were lucky to be asked to give a concert by an audience member who had very much enjoyed our masterclass with Alasdair. Thanks ChamberStudio!”

– Lipatti Piano Quartet

Ellis Ensemble 2

“Chamber Studio has been a really wonderful resource of support for us as an ensemble, particularly during the challenging aftermath of professional music life after music conservatoire. Alongside valuable advice from Richard, the coaching sessions themselves have been exciting, insightful, and inspiring to us as a group and have given us confidence to progress further with our aims in future competitions and recording projects.”

– Ellis Ensemble

Florian Quartet

“ChamberStudio gives us an invaluable framework for improving both our musicianship and our professional skills. The structure of the study programmes, around both a long-term working relationship and other one-off sessions, allows us real consistency in finding our identity, but without any risk of the process becoming routine! Having regular sessions in this critical period of early professional life helps us to be more ambitious, curious, and committed to making chamber music the focus of our careers.”

– Florian Quartet

The Busch Ensemble at QEH

“Our experience with ChamberStudio so far has been unique and inspirational; intense sessions with fantastic coaches on wonderful repertoire. Thank you so so much for today,  we enjoyed the masterclass with Peter Cropper very much, he was extremely helpful for us, as well as encouraging, and we were thrilled to have the chance to play to him.”

– Busch Ensemble

Rautio Piano Trio image

“Having benefited from the support of conservatoires and young artist’s platforms, ChamberStudio is providing invaluable access facilitating my Trio to continue to work with and meet some of the world’s renowned musicians. This is supporting us at a crucial stage where we are finding our identity as a group, making debut commercial recordings and maturing as an ensemble.”

– Rautio Piano Trio

Albany Piano Trio

“The masterclasses at ChamberStudio have given us the most inspiring coaching. It feels like every tutor pushes us to our limit and beyond. The feeling of support from the scheme is an invaluable addition to our development, especially in the years after leaving music college. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to build relationships with world-renowned chamber musicians.”

– Albany Piano Trio

Heath Quartet

“It is extremely important for the continuing development of our ensemble to play to a pedagogue at regular intervals. The programme run by ChamberStudio brings leading teachers from around the world to the UK, enabling us to engage in intensive study sessions with leading musicians we otherwise wouldn’t have access to without prohibitively expensive trips overseas. Having the regular presence of the calibre of teachers ChamberStudio invites generates a lively interest amongst our peers, and the programme of public masterclasses, especially, creates an unique platform for larger audiences to gain insight into the process of preparation performers go through.”

– Heath Quartet


“ChamberStudio is an incredible resource for us at this stage in our career. The tutors are of the highest calibre and the regularity and intimacy of the masterclasses makes the sessions extremely useful.”

– Benyounes Quartet

Linos Piano Trio image

“As young chamber musicians at the start of our career there is little that could be more valuable…ChamberStudio provides some of the most experienced and inspiring teachers, a stimulating point to meet and hear peer groups from everywhere, affordably, right in our home city, every Sunday throughout the academic year.”

– Lakeside Trio (now Linos Trio)

lawson trio c Mat Smith

“ChamberStudio has opened amazing new doors for the Lawson Trio. It has provided us with the opportunity to work closely with some of the world’s leading chamber musicians, helping us in a short space of time to improve hugely as an ensemble. We have also been able to talk to the professors more informally than would normally be possible, receiving invaluable advice about career related questions, and the scheme has also provided us with wonderful concert opportunities. ChamberStudio is an incredible resource for young ensembles in the UK…”

– Lawson Trio

Solstice String Quartet

“ChamberStudio has offered us a lifeline – a chance to work with world class coaches regularly in London for an amazingly good price. We love it!”

– Solstice Quartet

Wu Quartet

“ChamberStudio is a fantastic platform for young ensembles to play to legendary artists…The level of teaching is incredibly high, but above all, the atmosphere makes it an inspirational place to develop as a quartet in the wonderful setting of Kings Place in London.”

– Wu Quartet


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