Terms and Conditions


ChamberStudio is open to professional chamber groups no longer supported in further education. We welcome applications from all instrument combinations.


When you apply you will be invited to a Consultation with Artistic Director Richard Ireland. This also serves as an audition for groups applying to ChamberStudio for the first time. The Consultation consists of a one-hour coaching session followed by a 30-minute discussion to agree details of the Mentorship – including the following decisions:

·         Central goals – specific aspects of playing that the group most wants to focus on, and what repertoire to include

·         Choice of mentor

·         Number of 3-hour masterclasses (minimum three, maximum six)

·         Time span. Up to six months

Autumn Mentorships: 1 August – 31 January with application deadline 1 July
Spring Mentorships: 1 February – 31 July with application deadline 5 January

Final details will be agreed with Richard by the end of the Consultation.


After the Consultation, each Mentorship comprises a tailor-made set of between three and six three-hour masterclasses with an agreed mentor, and concludes with a Review session. The Review doubles up as a Consultation for those groups wanting to plan a new Mentorship to follow on from their existing one.

The masterclasses are held at Kings Place, our partner and home base, which gives you the opportunity to play and work in front of a small audience. They will normally take place on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons.

Ensembles accepted onto the scheme might also be invited to attend a three-day intensive Residency, to participate in our Visiting Professor Series, or to play in one of our Hall One Masterclasses.


Consultation/Review (90 minutes): £60

Mentorship masterclass (three hours): £120

Residency: variable cost

Visiting Professor Series Masterclass: £60/hour

Hall One Masterclass: variable cost

 Terms and conditions

 By applying for a ChamberStudio Mentorship you sign up to these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully. They exist to ensure we can behave respectfully towards everyone we work with – the mentors, Kings Place administration, and you.


The first three months of your Mentorship must be scheduled before it starts. If your Mentorship extends beyond three months, scheduling for the remainder must be completed by five weeks before the first masterclass of the remainder.

 The dates you give us during the planning process for your Mentorship must be protected until it is finalised. Once agreed, the dates for the Mentorship must then be protected for its duration.

 The repertoire you decide on for each masterclass is advertised on our website and in our weekly event reminders – you must therefore let us know of any changes straight away. Changes less than two weeks before a masterclass will not be possible.


You must provide us with a photo of your group which will be used on our website, the Kings Place website and on social media, as well as a biography which will be used on our website. We may also use these in other locations as appropriate. If you update these please let us know so that we can do the same.

We will add your details to our mailing list to receive newsletters and other publicity about ChamberStudio events. At the end of your Mentorship you may, of course, opt not to receive these mailings.

We'll be happy to re-tweet events you publicise, also for Facebook. Please prompt us.


Soon after the Consultation/Review, once details of your Mentorship programme are finalised, we will send you an invoice for the first three months of the programme.  

If your programme extends beyond three months, we will send you a second invoice for the remaining amount five weeks before the first masterclass of the second three-month period of the Mentorship.

You must pay within seven days of the date of any invoice we send you. If you do not pay promptly we may cancel your Mentorship.


If we have to cancel a masterclass or Consultation/Review (other than for late payment) we will refund your money.

If you cancel a masterclass or Consultation/Review one month or less before the event we cannot refund your money. This is because our commitments to your mentor and to Kings Place will have been confirmed.

We cannot guarantee to be able to rearrange a masterclass or Consultation/Review with less than four weeks’ notice – again, this is in order to be respectful to the mentor and to Kings Place. If we are unable to rearrange the session we will treat it as a cancellation.


All masterclass dates must be organised through ChamberStudio and not directly with a mentor unless specifically agreed in advance.

You must provide us with an email contact for the group. It is important that, while we are planning your Mentorship and for the duration of the Mentorship itself, emails are responded to as soon as possible and within a maximum of three days. If it is likely that you will be un-contactable for a period of time you must let us know in advance.