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ChamberStudio was created to provide a centre where talented musicians who are devoted to chamber music, and no longer in further education, can receive coaching, inspiration and encouragement from some of the world’s best chamber players and teachers.

Located in central London and running masterclasses throughout the academic year, ChamberStudio provides accessible, affordable and regular support for young professional chamber musicians.

ChamberStudio was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director Richard Ireland. By 2012, what had started as a one-man mission became an established organisation with charitable status. Many of the world’s finest chamber musicians teach at ChamberStudio.

Masterclasses are open to observers, giving chamber music lovers and aficionados the opportunity to see the detailed work that goes on in preparation for performance of the great chamber repertoire.


Shmuel Ashkenasi, photo c. Marc Gascoigne

Shmuel Ashkenasi, photo c. Marc Gascoigne

“It is extremely important for the continuing development of our ensemble to play to a pedagogue at regular intervals. ChamberStudio brings teachers from around the world to the UK, enabling us to engage in intensive sessions with leading musicians we otherwise wouldn’t have access to without prohibitively expensive trips overseas.” Heath Quartet, December 2013


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